IT IS SELF-EVIDENT, NO ONE CAN MAKE A BILLION DOLLARS WORKING HONESTLY!    Those people holding billions are prime suspects of a myriad of crimes!    It is clear that all the wealth a billionaire has above a BILLION DOLLARS . . . is STOLEN PROPERTY!!

FIRST: We will compile a database for all the crimes committed by billionaires in the process of making billions of dollars, e.g., buying political campaigns, bribing corrupt politicos to create laws that rig up the economy in their favor, bust workers unions, money laundry, promote & profit from wars of aggression, etc.

SECOND: Collect signatures for "Confiscate Stolen Property from billionaires," a US Constitutional Amendment initiative, or CSPB C.Amend.      All the wealth above a BILLION dollars, a billionaire holds, will be immediately seized, as stolen property, into a national fund to provide Americans with food, jobs, health, housing, and education.

THIRD: Vote for politicians who support CSPB C.Amend and recall those who do not.

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Godzillas in LA, CA